Waratah Rug

Above and beyond best fit for every equine. The medium weight Waratah is our answer to the myriad of shapes and sizes of the Australian equine that is as vast as the climate they endure. Each stitch is placed to ensure this rug is a fit for life, and is fit to endure a lifetime of wear, styled with blue check and bound in burgundy.



  • 65% cotton, 35% poly
  • Neck rug D’s – to interchange this stable staple however the weather requires
  • Webbing leg straps – placed for best fit and crafted to endure a life of wear
  • Snap hook back fittings – giving ease of rug changes
  • Shoulder gusset – for room to live a lifetime
  • Rump dart – ensuring best fit for every shape
  • Satin shoulders – rug rub be gone, rebuild worn coats and protect for life
  • PVC front fittings – built to last for a lifetime
  • Generous tail flap – for extra protection where it’s needed